‘RTW Travel Series: Cathay Pacific Arrival Lounge at HKG


Upon arriving at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKG), we made a quick stop at the Cathay Pacific Arrival Lounge. This airport is massive, so we luckily found an information kiosk to help route us to the lounge. Upon entering, the staff graciously greeted us and held our baggage at the front desk as the lounge area is rather small and narrow. Since we arrived early in the morning, there were only a handful of other passengers there too. They offered a selection of breakfast breads and pastries, non-alcoholic beverages, expresso drinks, and a few hot items. This included congee (rice porridge), shrimp and pork siu mai, rice wrapped in lotus leaves, and scrambled eggs with onions and bell peppers. I was happy to have my fill of siu mai, but the congee was very bland; the only accompanying side options were green onions, salt, pepper, and peanuts. Unfortunately, I can’t speak much for the showers – just that they are available. When I went to wash up, the staff routed me to the public restrooms just outside of the lounge. The showers may have been occupied. Overall, this was a nice pitstop before we headed off on our HK adventures. I wouldn’t spend much time here or necessarily go out of my way if we were on a more strict schedule.

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