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Give the gift of luxury this holiday season without breaking the bank! We all have friends and family members on our gift list who would appreciate a little something special this year. Maybe it’s your sister who can be a little “extra” with her designer style, but you don’t want to pay extra to impress her. Maybe it’s that friend who already has everything. Maybe it’s that co-worker to whom you have no idea what to give. Whoever it may be, here are some ideas on luxury gifts for less than $100 and personal tips on how to make them even more special.

Home and Miscellaneous Gifts

Tiffany Crystal Champagne Flutes (Set of 2)

Retail Price: $50

There is always something so special about giving or receiving a gift in that iconic blue box! I have personally gifted Tiffany champagne flutes, wine glasses, and beer glasses to friends for numerous occasions. They’re perfect for weddings, house warming parties, corporate events, etc. It’s the perfect balance between elegance and practicality.  They also have porcelain coffee mugs, which make beautiful gifts for co-workers or teachers. Plus, the presentation will always be on point! Keep in mind that other than the flagship store in New York City, most Tiffany and Co boutiques do not carry houseware. However, customer service is excellent, and they are offering free shipping for online or phone orders. You can peruse through the different gift options on the company website at Tiffany and Co.

Scented Candles by diptyque

Retail Price for 6.5oz: $64 – Retail Price for 2.4oz: $34

Let’s be real. No matter how you put it, these are pricey. However, scents are actually influential parts of our lives. Certain smells can help to de-stress, set a mood/ambiance, or even bring back special memories! A couple years back, my husband and I were having afternoon tea at Sketch in London where they were burning a massive diptyque candle in Ambre. Now whenever I come across this scent, I’m taken back to our fun experience at Sketch. This gift, however, can be far more than just a candle. As pictured above, once you’ve burned through all the wax, the glass jar can easily be re-used as a display piece on your desk or vanity. The standard 6.5oz jars are perfect for holding makeup brushes, pens, little flowers, etc. The mini 2.4oz jar is more of a votive candle size and is cute to hold smaller trinkets like paper clips, cotton balls, and Q-tips.  Browse the different scents at Diptyque


Louis Vuitton City Guide

Retial Price: $37

These city guides are great gifts for the jet setters on your list. I have collected these over the past few years for different cities that I’ve ventured to. The history of Louis Vuitton is rich in travel as he first built his fashion house by revolutionizing the design of flat-botom trunks to be stackable, lightweight, and airtight.  These city guides provide lists and addresses of recommended hotels, shopping attractions, dining,  experiences, etc. I like to track and highlight any of the places that I end up checking out on my trips. Also, the latest versions now include a mobile app so you can take your LV guide on the go wherever you are.  You can purchase them at LV boutiques or online on the company website at Louis Vuitton

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 8.06.02 AM

Personalized Candy Bento Boxes by Sugarfina

Pricing may vary (see below)

This isn’t your run of the mill, box of chocolates. At Sugarfina, you can customize your own box of treats! While pricing may slightly vary depending on what flavors you pick, you can expect a 3-piece bento box to cost about $25 and the 8-piece to be about $64. Some of my favorite flavors include champagne bears, rosé all day bears, and maple bourbon caramels.  Have a taste at Sugarfina

Kate Spade Large 2018 Planner

Retail Price: $36

Add a little glam to each day from August 2017 to December 2018. This is perfect for that working girl or student on your list! This Kate Spade planner organizes your schedule monthly and weekly. It features laminated tabs for durability, foiled stickers, note pages, and a pocket to hold business cards, receipts, etc. This is where ritzy meets reliability! Find it here at Kate Spade. If you sign up for the email list, you can receive 15% off and free shipping.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 8.36.51 AM

Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase

Retail Price for Queen: $79 – King: $99

Okay, so I will be totally honest when I say that this is one luxury item I haven’t tried out yet, because I haven’t quite convinced myself to take the leap on the investment. BUT there are good reasons as to why these pillowcases receive stellar reviews, and why I know it’s only a matter of time before I give it a go. After all, we spend a huge portion of our lives in bed. Laying on silk instead of cotton pillowcases can really help to combat bed head. Since I often curl my hair with a styling wand, I’m hopeful that this would help my hair from losing volume and turning flat again overnight. Cotton pillowcases also tend to absorb more moisture and product from your face. So that moisturizer or eye cream you put on your face may end up protecting your pillow from anti-aging more than you. Find out more here

Beauty / Fashion


Halogen Cashmere Infinity Scarf

Retail Price: $99 – Sale Price: $74.25 (25% off)

This is one size fits all, which takes a lot of guessing out of this gift. Plus, being 100% cashmere, it’s super soft and warm. There are six different colors to choose from at Nordstrom and free shipping.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 7.51.03 AM

Burberry Limited Edition Festive Beauty Box

Total Value: $62.39 –  Retail Price: $40

– 0.11 oz/ 2.5 mL Cat Lashes  (Value: $16.50)
– 0.17 oz/ 5 mL Fresh Glow Deluxe Mini in Nude Radiance No.1 (Value: $8.16)
– 0.002 oz/ 0.8 g Lip Velvet Deluxe Mini in Oxblood (Value: $8.23)
– 0.06 oz/ 1.8 g Full Size Eye Colour Glow in Gold Pearl (Value: $29.50)

This is a great set that allows you to try a few different makeup products from the Buberry line. The lipstick shade (Oxblood) and eyeshadow (Gold Pearl) are beautiful for the holiday season! Find it at Sephora

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 10.43.59 PM

Hermes The Garden Perfumes Collection

Retail Price: $80

Known for their high-end luxury goods, this Hermes set includes three travel-size fragrances inspired by gardens from around the world.

CHANEL Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow

Retail Price: $61

Needless to say, CHANEL is always a good idea. These eyeshadow quads offer a pigmented formula inspired by the threads of Chanel tweed. Each set includes two medium tones to color and contour, a deep shade to intensify, and a lighter shade to highlight. This is also a great gift to re-purpose once the eyeshadows are used up. Leave a comment below if you would like me to share a tutorial on how to make this compact into an external power bank for your cellphone! 
 What other luxury items do you recommend that are less than $100? Share and comment below. 

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